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Hand Made Plaster Bust of William the Conqueror

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William Duke of Normandy was descended from Viking raiders. He launched the Norman conquest of England in 1066 to become the first Norman King of England. He built many castles, including the keep of the Tower of London. In 1086, he ordered the first survey of land holdings; the Domesday Book.

The Bust

Based on illustrations and tapestries of William, this sculpture was completed at our workshop in Bath and makes a striking addition to any mantel, bookshelves or occasional table.

Around the Base

There are small objects associated with William the Conqueror around the base. They have included battleships, horses as depicted in the Bayeux tapestry, Dover Castle and a Norman shield. The etch around the base reads “I ATTACKED THE ENGLISH OF THE NORTHERN SHIRES LIKE A LION”

Height 13.5cm (about 6 inches)

Additional information

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Dimensions 5 in


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