Vintage Floral Bunting – Shipping Early November


Beautiful Floral Bunting – suitable for any occasion!

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This is something we have been looking for for quite some time for the Anglotopia offices! Now we can offer it for sale to everyone. This lovely bunting has been created for many uses, it is perfect to decorate your bedroom, wedding, garden for a tea party or even a baby shower. The unique colors  and patterns make it perfect for any occasion. The bunting is double sided, this is very important especially for parties to ensure the lovely designs and patterns are viewable from all angles. Both sides of the flags are stitched to make them durable so they don’t fray

Size: Bunting stretches to 3 meters (about 10 feet) with handle to tie on both ends, the bunting consists of 12 flags measuring 12cm (5 inches) by 22cm (8.6 inches)

Imported directly from the UK.


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