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An Anglotopia Exclusive Product

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Introducing the world’s first Union Jack LED Light Box – Anglotopia’s first custom-made product. Decorate your home or office with this beautiful tribute to all things British. The world’s first Union Flag Lightbox and lamp – the perfect home accessory for every Anglophile.

Measuring approximately 16 inches by 8.5 inches, it features the British Union Flag in proper proportion (and right side up). Each unit is handcrafted in our factory to have a nice black finish and look great in any room. Powered by bright LED lightbulbs, it will light your room with beautiful, calming light and last for years, never needing to be changed

It’s powered by an included USB power cable. It’s also battery-powered. The frame is made of wood and comes in a nice black finish. It’s a simple device – it has a power port and a switch. On the back is a place to put the batteries, and two mounting brackets. It’s powered by LED lightbulbs that will last years. It’s a sturdy, quality product.

It will look great in a man cave, office, she shed, faux pub, living room, anywhere really. It’ll be a bit of Britain in your home. The light is so bright, it’s a beautiful beacon of Britishness. It can free-stand sit on a desk, table, or any surface or you can use the included mounting brackets to hand it on your wall.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All pictures are of a prototype version of the product. Final version may vary slightly. It’s also a very difficult product to photograph, so please understand that the light is very bright and beautiful in the dark.

Product Stats

Power: USB cable or AA batteries
Bulb: LED strip lighting
Size: 16 inches by 8.5 inches
Weight: 2 lbs
Warranty: 1-year replacement or refund if the unit stops working.


  1. Can you make the Scotland/Wales/England etc flags? We may in the future, but we have to be sure we’ll sell 500 of each because that’s the minimum we have to order. When we’ve offered products with the ‘other’ flags in the past, they have not sold nearly the numbers a Union Jack did. So, maybe in the future but not now.
  2. How is it powered? By an included USB cable. You need to provide your own USB power brick (we’re going to sell spares later on). It also takes two AA batteries (but it’s brighter hooked up to power)
  3. Does it have a warranty? Yes, if it stops working within 1 year, please let us know and we’ll either replace the unit (if we have them) or issue a refund. We want everyone to be happy.
  4. How much is shipping? It costs $10 to ship anywhere in the USA. It’s $25 to ship to Canada and $40 to ship anywhere else.


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