Union Jack String Christmas Fairy Lights – Anglotopia Exclusive – Shipping Mid-December 2022


The world’s only currently available British Union Flag Christmas Fairy Lights



Introducing the world’s only Union Jack Christmas/Fairy lights. Decorate your home with the warm white glow of these fairy strings LED lights for the holiday season (or any season, really!). This is a product that has been prototyped and created for Anglotopia; you will not be able to buy it anywhere else.

Each strand is about 4 meters long – 13 feet, and has twenty lights/Union Flags. They’re LED lights and give off a soft warm-white glow. They’re battery-powered (batteries not included). It uses three AA batteries, which for LED will last quite awhile.

These are being produced for us specifically, and it’s a considerable risk to order the production, so we need to sell as many upfront as possible to cover the cost. These will be made in the next few weeks and then ship from us around Mid-December. We’re reasonably sure we’ll have them shipped in time for Christmas, but they’re coming by boat, so there’s a small chance they may not.

NOTE: The pictures attached to this product page are of the prototype, the final product may vary slightly from what’s pictured. We’ll have better pictures when they arrive!

P.S. We know the ‘official’ name is Union Flag, but people search for ‘Union Jack’ so both are being used in this description.

Shipping in the USA is $8 per set of string lights. Canada is $16 per string, Rest of world is $20 per string.

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Weight 16 oz


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