Tube Wallet: Contactless Anti Card Clash Credit Card and Oyster Wallet


Beautiful Tube Map Wallet for your Contactless Credit Cards and Oyster Card.

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If you have an Oyster Card or a Contactless Credit Card, then you need to have this limited edition Oyster Card Wallet!

The New Contactless Anti Card Clash Wallet protects contactless cards from blocked signals and card fraud. One contactless card fits securely in the outer pocket of the wallet, and two other contactless cards fit into the pockets on the inside. The wallet can then be placed onto the card reader and the card on the outside will be read without any signal clash.

The same for contactless cards on the inside of the wallet, use them directly on a contactless reader and there will be no signal clash. The reverse of the wallet guards against signals escaping which protects against accidental payments and also card fraud. It’s quick and easy to use and you can keep your cards tucked safely in the wallet without needing to get hem out when using them.

Featuring the famous London Underground map cover design, always have the Tube map right where you need it!

Imported from the UK.


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