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Queen Victoria Plaster Bust


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Product Description

Hand Made Plaster Queen Victoria Bust

The longest serving of any British monarch, Queen Victoria's reign was a period of great progress and change within the United Kingdom. Handmade Plaster Bust created in Bath, England by the Modern Souvenir Company.

The Bust

Based on illustrations and photographs of Queen Victoria, this sculpture was made at their workshop in Bath and makes a truly regal addition to the mantel, bookshelves or occasional table for any 'royalist'.

The Base

There are objects representing Victoria's reign featured around the base. For this bust, they have included the Crystal Palace, Christmas Trees, a globe representing the Commonwealth among others iconic features of those countries. The etch around the base reads - "THE IMPORTANT THING IS NOT WHAT THEY THINK OF ME BUT WHAT I THINK OF THEM"

Height - 14cm (about 6 inches)

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 in
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