Londontopia Magazine Print Subscription – Starts with Issue #3 in February 2019


The Londontopia Magazine, a quarterly love letter to London.




This is the order page for a print subscription to the Londontopia print magazine. Your subscription will start with Issue #3 in February 2019.

Issue #3 will we released in late-February. The cover features the iconic London Tube Roundel, the back cover shows Big Ben in all it’s golden-sunned glory (a view of it you cannot get right now as it’s covered in scaffolding).

Each issue of the Londontopia Print magazine is a love letter to London, featuring long-form articles about the greatest city in the world. The magazine is 48-full color pages.

We wrote last month about the challenges that have been facing Anglotopia/Londontopia and part of our recovery plan for 2019 is to double down on our magazines, the biggest source of regular revenue for Anglotopia. To do that, we need to grow the subscriber base of the Londontopia magazine. Will you consider subscribing?

Here’s the article line-up for Issue #3:

  • London Events for Q1 2019
  • A Behind the Scenes Tour of Strawberry Hill House by Laura Porter
  • Tube History: Disasters on the Tube
  • One Day in London
  • Our Top 10 London Museums
  • The London Diary: City Farms
  • Metroland: A History of London’s Suburban Expansion
  • Unseen London: Pictures by Peter Dazeley
  • A Night at the Theater
  • Top 5 London Bookstores

Due to the printing costs, we’re using small print runs for the Londontopia magazine, so if you want to ensure that you receive a copy of the next issue, we highly recommend ordering now. We only have a few copies of Issue #1 and #2 left.


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