London Annual 2019 – 128 Pages of London Info for 2019 – Shipping November 2018


Anglotopia’s Exclusive Yearly Book About London Travel in the Upcoming Year!

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This product page is for the print edition of the London Annual 2019 Special Release. YOU HAVE TWO WEEKS TO ORDER!

It’s that time of year again – time to begin our orders for the London Annual – our guide to what to see and do in London in 2019. This is our third year in producing this special publication and it has become very popular.

This year’s London Annual will be in the same format as last year’s; it will be 128 full-color pages. It’s very important for us to sell as many as possible in advance so that we get the correct number printed. We sell out of this every year and we have people come back to us wanting copies. So please place your order in advance to ensure that you’re able to receive this awesome publication about London. 

How will it be different from the Londontopia Magazine we launched earlier this year? It will be very different to keep them separate. The biggest ‘feature’ of the London Annual is the list of events, exhibitions and other things put together by Laura Porter that takes up 1/3 of the publication. You simply can’t get this anywhere else and it’s an invaluable guide in planning your trips to London next year.

Also, the page count in the Londontopia forces us to be judicious in the lengths of articles we have, the London Annual allows us to have longer form articles and, crucially, more beautiful pictures of London. We also have some special articles and photo features planned that we could not get authorized for the magazine – like a new selection of pictures from renowned photographer Peter Dazeley.

So, just to clarify: This will be SEPARATE from the Anglotopia and Londontopia Magazines and IS NOT included as part of the subscription. The London Annual will be dedicated entirely to London. The most important feature will be our special guide to what to see and do in London in 2019 written by Laura Porter that will not be available anywhere else. These should ship in November 2018 and will arrive before Christmas.

The price is $24.99 and gets you 128 full-color pages printed on archival quality paper. This will look great on a coffee table or in your library alongside the Anglotopia Magazine. The Annual will be filled with 50,000+ words about London along with beautiful photography. As with the Anglotopia Magazine, there is NO ADVERTISING in the London Annual.

Shipping to the USA is FREE, Canada is FREE and Everywhere Else is $16.

Here’s a preview of the articles in the 2019 London Annual*:

  • Laura’s Guide to London in 2019
  • New/Closures for London 2019
  • Best ‘Paid’ Museums
  • Disasters on the Tube
  • Peter Dazeley’s London Uncovered
  • Top 10 Victorian Buildings
  • The Thames from Source to Sea
  • Strawberry Hill House
  • Jon’s Special London Themed Essay
  • Our Top 10 London Pubs
  • Samuel Pepys
  • Our Top 10 London Hotels
  • Guide to London on a Budget

*This lineup is subject to change!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I’m a subscriber to the magazine – will I get this? No, I’m afraid not. This is a separate publication.
  2. Will there be a digital version? Yes, it will be available when the magazine is delivered in November so keep an eye out. It will cost $9.99
  3. Why does this cost more than the magazine? This is a special print run – the margins are different than for the magazine. We expect to print less so it will cost more to print. It’s also 128 pages, twice the size of the previous Annual so costs more to print and to ship
  4. Will there be ads? Nope – no ads at all just like with the Anglotopia Magazine. The London annual will be filled to the brim with articles and pictures of our favorite city.
  5. Do you ship internationally? See above for rates.
  6. Will it ship in time for Christmas? Yes, it will arrive for Christmas 2018.


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