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This is the downloadable PDF of the 2018 London Annual.



This product page is for the Digital PDF Edition of the upcoming London Annual 2018 Special Release.

With the success of the Anglotopia Magazine, we have decided to offer a once a year London Annual Special Issue. This will be SEPARATE from the Anglotopia Magazine and IS NOT included as part of the subscription. The London Annual will be dedicated entirely to London. The most important feature will be our special guide to what to see and do in London in 2018 written by Laura Porter that will not be available anywhere else.

Last year we published our first London Annual and it was a huge success. We sold over 700. It was a mixture of London travel information and cultural articles on London’s history. The overall feedback was fantastic and people really loved their special London magazine. So, we’re back this year with pre-orders for the London Annual 2018 and we have a BIG change in store.

This year it will be 128 pages.

Last year, the London Annual was 64 pages. There’s so much we’ve wanted to write about London in the last year and we also wanted to increase the travel information, there just wasn’t enough room in 64 pages.

The Annual will is filled with 50,000+ words about London along with beautiful photography. As with the Anglotopia Magazine, there will be NO ADVERTISING in the London Annual.

Here’s a rundown of the articles in the London Annual*:

  • London in 2018
  • More Secret London
  • Lloyd’s of London: A History
  • London on Film
  • The Black London Taxi
  • Oldest Businesses in London
  • New Attractions and Closures for 2018
  • The Darker Side of London
  • Absurd London Street Names
  • Our Official London Top 10
  • Royal London: A Traveller’s Guide
  • Lost London
  • Great Londoners: Bazalgette
  • A Brief History of the London Underground
  • Vote 100 Celebrations
  • Palaces of Art: London Theatres
  • The Best of Free London
  • The Abandoned Tube
  • Top 10 London Bookshops
  • Tipsy Touring


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