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This product page is for the print edition of the upcoming London Annual special release.

With the success of the Anglotopia Magazine, we have decided to offer a once a year London Annual special issue. This will be SEPARATE from the Anglotopia Magazine and IS NOT included as part of the subscription. The London Annual will be dedicated entirely to London. The most important feature will be our special guide to what to see and do in London in 2017 that will not be available anywhere else.

These are now shipping and will ship within 24 hours!

Shipping to the USA and Canada is FREE. Shipping cost everywhere else is $10.

You will also receive complimentary access to the digital version of this special issue when the issue is delivered in October. We should also add that the Special Issue is AD FREE.

Here’s a rundown of the articles in the London Annual:

  • London in 2017 by Laura Porter
  • Riding in Black Taxis – A Personal History of a London Icon
  • Seven Myths about London That Aren’t True by Matt Brown
  • How London’s Boroughs Got Their Names
  • Great London Buildings – The Victoria & Albert Museum
  • London 10 Newest Attractions for 2017
  • Secret London – Guide to the Bits of London You Don’t Know About
  • London Icon – History of the Tube Map
  • Streets of London – How London’s Unusual Streets Got Their Names
  • Tourist Traps to Avoid in 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I’m a subscriber to the magazine – will I get this? No, I’m afraid not. Our planning for the price you pay for the magazine is based on 4 issues for the year so it would not accommodate a special fifth issue. This may change this in 2017 but for now the London Annual is separate!
  2. Will there be a digital version? Yes, it will be available when the magazine is delivered in October so keep an eye out. It will cost $9.99
  3. Why does this cost more than the magazine? This is a special print run – the margins are different than for the magazine. We expect to print less so it will cost more to print.
  4. Will it be like the Anglotopia Magazine? Yes! It will be the same form factor – the same high quality printing and paper. It will be a keepsake and go nicely on your stack of Anglotopia magazines.
  5. Will there be ads? Nope – no ads at all just like with the Anglotopia Magazine. The London annual will be filled to the brim with articles and pictures of our favorite city.
  6. Do you ship internationally? Yes, the cost is $10 to anywhere in the world.
  7. Will it ship in time for Christmas? Yes, it will arrive for Christmas.
  8. I want the next issue of the magazine as well, if I order both will I get them separately? No, to save on shipping costs you will get them both at the same time. If you want to get the London annual sooner, place two separate orders.
  9. I ordered a 2017 Calendar, where is it? We’re going to press for the Calendars after Labor Day so you’ll have it by the end of September.


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2 reviews for The London Annual 2017 – Print Edition – Now Shipping!

  1. 5 out of 5


    A writer of series of books such as My First English for Beginners My First French for Beginners Short Friendship Between Cat and Mouse LA SOURCE PRIMAIRE 1-6 I appreciated your effort a lot. Thanks Send me by mail the book. BOX SR 128 SPINTEX ROAD TEMA GHANA

  2. 5 out of 5


    Looking forward to seeing my yearly magazine from Britain!!!

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