King & Country: Your Complete Guide to the Coronation Commemorative Publication – Shipping April


Your complete guide to the Coronation of King Charles III



Today we’re ready to announce something we have been working on very hard since the date for the Coronation was announced. King & Country: Your Guide to the Coronation of King Charles III. This special commemorative 128-page full-color publication will be your complete guide to the life of King Charles and the Coronation. It is a beautiful and fact-filled keepsake publication created exclusively by Anglotopia.

Inside there are over 18 articles and tons of pictures covering the gamut of King Charles’s life as well as the Royal History dealing with Coronation ceremonies. There aren’t that many of them, and many bits of the ceremony are ancient traditions dating back over 1,000 years. It can be difficult to parse, which is why we’ve summarized it all for you. When you read this guide, you’ll be completely ready to watch the Coronation in May!

It follows a similar format to the special publication we put out last year for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Charles has had a long and interesting life while he waited for the throne; we’ve covered everything (and yes, we don’t shy away from the bad bits, but it’s mostly a positive publication).

We’ve got a great line-up of writers for the publication – of course, I will be contributing, but we’ve also got a great series of articles from Kristy Taylor on the life of King Charles (she wrote the articles in Crown and Glory about Queen Elizabeth’s life). Our London correspondent Laura Porter has contributed an excellent series of articles about the Coronation and other royal-related goodness. There’s a lot of variety of voices and perspectives, and we’ve worked really hard to strike a positive editorial tone. It is tasteful, respectful, and gossip-free.

It costs $24.99 plus shipping. It’s done and going to press in the coming weeks; it will ship to you in early April and be with you in time for the Coronation (we promise!). For international orders, there’s a small chance it won’t arrive in time, so we want to warn you of that; we have no control over how long things take to ship internationally). You’ll need to buy it directly from us, as it won’t be available elsewhere until much later (we also earn the most if you buy it from us).

Here’s the complete line-up of articles you can expect:

  • The Child Prince
  • Westminster Abbey
  • The College and Navy Years
  • Guide to Coronation Regalia
  • Becoming Prince of Wales
  • Coronation Vestments
  • The Duchy of Cornwall
  • Clarence House
  • Charles and Diana
  • The Family Jewels
  • Hobbies Fit For a King
  • The Coronation Weekend
  • A Prince’s Care
  • Highgrove: Private Sanctum
  • King & Commonwealth
  • The Prince and the Queen
  • Accession and Beyond
  • Royal London: A Photo Essay by Peter Dazeley

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