The Great British Music Map


From the creators of the Great British Adventure Map comes a beautiful new map dedicated to Britain’s music heritage.

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When it comes to music, Britain calls the tune on the world stage, playing second fiddle to nobody.

Our newly imported fold-out map celebrates Britain’s globe-straddling musical prowess, featuring over 2,000 festivals, live music venues, places celebrated in song and a symphony of tenuously tuneful trivia… plus a unique road trip through Britain’s top 50 music locations (and the perfect playlist to go with). It really blows Britain’s trumpet.

Music and maps may not be typical bedfellows, but at long last, they’ve come together for a unique collaboration. If you’ve ever wondered where the best festivals are located, where your favorite pop video was filmed, which locations around Britain have inspired classic tunes… or if you simply fancy going on an epic music-themed road trip around Britain with the perfect playlist blaring from your stereo… this map is for you.

The Fastidiously Orchestrated Great British Music Map is a full-color, two-sided map folding out to 100 cm x 89 cm (about 40×35 inches), and features:

  • Over 350 festivals, including the big, famous ones, the small but perfectly formed ones, and those in the most stunning locations
  • Over 700 live music venues, including over 400 essential grass-roots venues identified by the Music Venue Trust
  • Over 700 places celebrated in song titles/lyrics, album titles and band/artist names, plus cover art and music video locations
  • Trivia! Loads of famous studios, riotous gigs, funny quotes, shrines to dearly departed stars, and other glorious locations of musical anecdote and intrigue
  • Britain’s top music locations, a glorious road trip connecting them all and playlist suggestions bringing them to life in a unique fashion (and plenty of space to add your own favorite tunes and route notes)

Imported directly from the UK, created by Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick.

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