Dispatches from England Book: An American Family Spends 3 Years in the UK

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Follow the adventures of an American family who spent three years living in Britain.



American writer Nicole Wiltrout and her family spent three years living in the UK. It was an adventure full of cultural discovery and travel. Every week she wrote a dispatch for about life in Britain that featured cultural observations, her family’s travels around Britain and so much more. Nicole provides a fascinating outsider’s perspective on daily life in the UK. Now that Nicole has moved back to the USA and the column has ended, we’ve compiled her best posts from the last three years in a beautiful new paperback book. You can now read about her family’s entire adventure and discover a side of Britain you may not have heard about. It’s a must read for all Anglophiles interested in moving to the UK.


The book is over 70,000 words and will come in at about 310 pages. It will be available in print and eBook (for iBooks, Kindle and Nook) at a later date.

Please Note: The photo is a cover mock-up, the final product may differ based on production.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will I Get My Book?

Your order should ship in 24-48 hours. We have the books in stock.

Hardcover or Softcover?

The book is softcover, about 310 pages.

How much is shipping?

It is $0 to the USA, $8 to Canada and $15 to the rest of the world.

Will the Book be Available on Amazon?

Yes, when it’s officially published on July 1st it will be. The price will be $24.99 there (though they may discount it).

Will it be available in eBook?

Yes, when it’s officially published it will be in the iBookstore, Kindle, Nook, etc – we will also offer a DRM free ePub and PDF version. This pre-order is only for the print version.

What About Your Other Books?

Feel free to buy any of the other books we currently offer – but everything will ship together in one order in July.

Can I Buy the Magazine as Well?

Yes, you are welcome to buy the Anglotopia Magazine as well, it too will ship together with the book in July.




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