Charles Tait Guide Book: The North Coast 500 Guide Book


The complete guidebook to Scotland’s Route 66

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We loved the guidebooks by Charles Tait so much, and they’re not easily findable here in the USA, so we decided to import them and sell them ourselves.

The North Coast 500 Guide Book one of Charles Tait’s very successful series of area guides. The book covers the whole of the route in a clockwise direction in 16 sections. Detailed maps, things to do and see, walks and visitor attractions are all included. All writing, design and layout is by Dr Tait.

This is a guide to the natural history, archaeology, history and culture of the North Highlands. It covers all of the main sites, as well as hundreds of less-visited, but no less attractive, places of interest. Above all it is a guide to the exploration of a dramatic landscape of probably the most strikingly beautiful part of Britain.

The book includes over 750 illustrations, most of which are original photographs by the author. A few have been sourced from other photographers, while specially commissioned maps are used throughout. Old photographs, maps and prints add colour to the text.

The Introduction describes the Natural History, including Geology, Habitats, Birds, Fauna and Flora. Archaeology and History is briefly covered from the earliest settlers to the 21st century. The main part of the book consists of a detailed area by area Gazetteer. This is followed by a comprehensive list of Places to Visit and Things to Do. There are fourteen suggested Day Itineraries. Possible side trips to Skye, the Outer Hebrides, Orkney and the Inverness area are included. A full Bibliography is followed by a comprehensive Index.

256 full-color pages.
ISBN: 97819090036604

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