Anglotopia’s Dictionary of British English 2nd Edition – Special Signed Hardcover Edition


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British Slang from A to Zed

5 Years Ago we published a British Slang Dictionary and it has consistently been one of our biggest sellers. We've sold thousands. It's time for the book to get an update. We've added hundreds of words, new dictionaries and also guides to various British culture (like the honours system, British police ranks, etc).  This time around though, we're going to release a special signed limited edition Hardcover copy of the book (with beautiful slipcover and all). We've also corrected a few errors in the original edition. Each hardcover is cloth bound, with an embossed spine. It's beautiful to behold. We're only selling 250 copies of this special edition. Once they're gone, they're gone. You have to order the hardcover edition directly from us, it will not be available anywhere else. Getting a hardcover with a slipcover printed is an expensive enterprise but we found a small press to do it, and if we sell all 250, this will be a success. FREE SHIPPING to the USA and Canada is included in the price ($10 to the rest of the world). The standard paperback edition will be released as well and you can pre-order that here. It is often said that Britain and the United States are a common culture divided by language. This book is a guide to all the fun linguistic differences between American and British English. The British not only have their own unique words but they also use certain words much differently and this book seeks to gather all those words and phrases in one place for easy reference. This book is perfect to keep on hand while you're watching the latest episode of Downton Abbey or Doctor Who and you hear a word that you don't understand. It is our hope that this book will enrich your experience of British Culture and lead to further understanding between our two countries. This book contains over 2,000 slang words!

This is the PRINT EDITION - You Will Receive a Copy in the Mail

  Hardcover: 150 pages Publisher: Anglotopia LLC, 1st Edition (May 15, 2017) Language: English Product Dimensions: 6"x9"x.5"

Here is a breakdown of the table of contents (it's over 150 pages):
  • General Dictionary A to Z
  • British Dates and Time
  • Weights and Measures
  • English Currency
  • British Police Ranks
  • British Armed Forces Ranks
  • The Peerage
  • Honours System
  • British Insults
  • London Slang
  • London Street Slang
  • Cockney Slang
  • Christmas Words
  • Scottish English
  • West Country English
  • Yorkshire English
  • Scouse English
  • American Words with Different Meanings
  • Telly Slang
  • British Baby Lingo
  • London Street Names
  • Names of Britain
  • Names of London
  • Unique Villages Names
  • Funny Place Names
  • Phrases We Owe to Shakespeare
  • Australian Slang


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