Anglotopia Magazine Issue #1 – Print Version – Single Issue





Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find in the debut issue of the Anglotopia Magazine. The magazine is 64 pages, perfect bound and has over 18,000 words of British goodness. It’s going to look beautiful when it’s printed, we’ve chosen a printer known for their quality. It will look great on your bookshelf. The magazine will be a keepsake and you’ll want to hold on to them for future reference.

Broadchurch Country – Join Mrs. Anglotopia and I as we go on a scenic drive along the Jurassic Coast in Dorset.
Wentworth Woodhouse – Learn about one of Britain’s most important stately homes and it’s uncertain future.
Then & Now – A unique look at Trafalgar square in 1841 versus today.
Song – Each magazine will feature a song about Britain. This month we feature Jerusalem.
The Spanish Armada – The 12 days that saved England. Here we explore this key event in British History and why it’s important.
Lost in the Pond – British expat Laurence Brown tells us about stuff that he’s learned since moving to the USA.
What’s in a Name? London – A look at the history of the city name London.
Poem – Each magazine will feature a poem about Britain. This month we feature England, my England.
Manchester Town Hall – A look at one of the most important Victorian era buildings constructed.
British Icons: Red Phone Box – Each issue will explore the history of a Great British Icon – this month the iconic Red Phone Box.
Popular British Actors – Janna Wong Healy explore 10 newly famous British actors and how they got their start.
Anglophile 101 – The British tell time and dates differently, we explain it all.
George II – A look at the life of Britain’s last Warrior King.
Top Ten Bath – A look at the top 10 things you should do in Bath if you’re visiting.
Churchill’s Places – A feature on places to visit in Britain that were important to Sir Winston Churchill.
British Art – Each Magazine will feature a classic work of British art and explain its context.
Telly Streaming – This month we explore five newer British comedies you must binge watch immediately.
Brit Book Corner – A round up of British books that are coming out in the next few months and what we think of each.
The Slang Page – Each magazine will feature an exploration of British slang on the final page.

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