Anglotopia Magazine 2017 Omnibus Book – All 4 Issues from 2017 Plus the London Annual – Now Shipping!


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Since we have consistently sold out of every issue of the Anglotopia Magazine, we are asked regularly whether or not we’ll make the back issues available again. We have decided to do that in book form. Today, we’re announcing the Anglotopia Magazine 2017 Omnibus Book.

The Omnibus will include all four issues of the Anglotopia Magazine published last year plus the London Annual as well. It comes in at 380 full-color pages of articles about Britain and London. This book is massive. It features the same design and layout of each issue of the magazine as they were initially published (though altered slightly to fit into the book medium). There are over 140,000 words of content here. The mockup we have doesn’t quite do it justice, it’s much bigger and will look great in any library.

The look and feel will be slightly different than the magazine but the printing quality will be top notch. All pages are in full color. Publishing a book of this size is expensive but we think it will be worth it for those that want a keepsake of our first year of magazines. The book will be 8.5×11 softcover and clock in at over 1 inch thick. It’s going to be a BIG book. The cost is a little higher than last year because we’re upgrading the paper to a better quality and the London Annual was twice the size – so this book will be bigger than last years.

The Omnibus is now shipping!


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