Adventures in Anglotopia: The Makings of an Anglophile – eBook – DRM Free PDF and ePub


An exploration of British culture, history, and travel.




What makes an Anglophile? What makes someone love a country not their own? Adventures in Anglotopia is a journey to answer this question, framed through a childhood exposed to British culture and then nearly twenty years of travel in Britain. It’s an exploration of why one American man loves Britain so much but also why Britain is such a wonderful place, worthy of loving unconditionally.

The narrative arc of the book answers this question by covering interesting topics related to Britain such as visiting for the first time, culture, stately home, tea, history, British TV, literature, specific places, and much more. Each chapter focuses on a specific topic, all building to the end where Jonathan reveals his ‘Great British Dream.’

Come on a journey that will take you the length and breadth of Britain and its rich history.

This is the DRM Free eBook Edition of the book. You will receive a link to download the PDF or ePub version of the book. Both can be uploaded to the e-reader of your choice or read on any device that supports them. 

Read an excerpt below!

Adventures in Anglotopia-final-excerpt

Here’s the table of contents to give you an idea of what’s in the book:

  • Introduction
  • The First Time
  • Notes from a Wiltshire Pub
  • Finding a Hometown in England, Shaftesbury
  • The County Without a Motorway
  • Rights of Way
  • Dreaming of Aquatint Spires
  • English Miles
  • The Churchillian
  • Christmas on Gold Hill
  • Riding in Black Taxis
  • An English Cottage
  • The 4,000-Mile Commute to Work
  • Ordnance Survey Maps: A Love Affair
  • Railways to Nowhere
  • Great British Weather
  • British Newspapers: A Love Story
  • Tea Time
  • English Time
  • Turner, Constable, and Learning to Love Art
  • Mr. Bean and Doctor Who, or British Telly, A Love Story
  • Loving a Landscape
  • English Composers and Classic FM
  • The Boy Who Lived and Lived
  • English Silence
  • A Love Letter to the Tube
  • Provincial Museums
  • Tut-tutting and Taking the Piss
  • English Summers are Better Than All Other Possible Summers
  • The Age of Things
  • The Lake District
  • The Stately Home
  • The Queen and All That
  • Finding My Roots in Durham
  • Why Don’t You Just Move Here?
  • A Love of Englishness
  • My British Dream


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