101 London Travel Tips Guidebook – Print Edition

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Your complete guide to making the most of your trips to London!

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London is a terrifying place for first time travelers. We’ve been to London 10 times now and have had our share of bad experiences, lessons learned and scary moments. We’ve written the 101 London Travel Tips guide book with our core readers in mind – people that love London and want to make the most of their trip.

If you need help planning your trip to London – forget Rick Steves – purchase Anglotopia’s 101 London Travel Tips for the stuff left out of most guidebooks. It’s a perfect companion to 101 Budget Britain Travel Tips!

This is a physical copy of the book and you will receive it in the mail.

In 101 London Travel Tips you’ll learn:

  • The cheapest ways to travel around London
  • The tourist attractions you can avoid
  • Free things to do in London’s Neighborhoods
  • How to plan with a budget in mind from Day 1
  • How to save money on souvenirs
  • Lodging tips so your hotel stay doesn’t break the bank
  • How to eat in London cheaply
  • And much more! 


Included in the book is an additional list of 101 Free things you can do in London!

Check out a preview chapter below!

101 London Travel Tips Print Version Preview

8 reviews for 101 London Travel Tips Guidebook – Print Edition

  1. Spoonfed – London Events Guide

    This invaluable guide for first-time visitors to London covers all the basics that you’ll find in the best tourist guides, as well as a few really useful tips from travel experts who’ve already trodden through the pitfalls of being a tourist in London. Despite occasional bad tourist experiences and hard lessons learned from being a London newbie, the pair at Anglotopia still love visiting our great city and if it’s your first visit over here too then it’s certainly worth a read! Anglotopia’s London travel guide includes cultural tips, attractions worth skipping, money-saving ideas and travel advice.

    Spoonfed – London Events Guide

  2. Everywhereist.com

    The folks at Anglotopia have released an e-book: 101 London Travel Tips. And trust me, if it’s your first time going, you really will want to keep your eyes on the pavement (Tip #85). But my personal favorite? Tip #26: Don’t mention the war. Sigh. If only Basil had listened.


  3. 3 Guys on a London Bus

    The book takes you from planning your trip to London to tips about when you leave. I especially thought the chapters on what to expect with London hotels, cuisine and transport were good. And any first time visitor to London wondering what to expect in London would find the book useful. It has many good tips that will help a visitor and mentions various things that guidebooks don’t tell you about. Anglotopia tells it straight on a number of points especially about certain tourists which I think most Londoners would agree with.

    3 Guys on a London Bus

  4. Walk Talk Tours Blog

    The guide provides lots of useful advice for anyone contemplating a trip to the British capital; from planning your trip, to advising which of London’s multitude of attractions are worth paying to see and which are best avoided altogether. The eBook provides insight into which areas of London are best avoided unless you know the lie of the land or a local. There is oodles of great advice on where to shop. Take Tip 80, which is a series of tips for visitors intending to shop at Harrod’s. Invaluable advice and 101 London Travel Tips is packed full of similarly insightful anecdotes gleaned from trips to London and a genuine interest in all things British.

    Walk Talk Tours Blog

  5. Metrotwin

    But never fear! Help is at hand for New Yorkers (and indeed any American) planning to visit London. Anglotopia have created a handy e-book full of 101 tips to help you fit in and get the most from your travels. From befuddling slang words to pub etiquette, transport help to an explanation of the glorious stodge that is British cuisine, it’s all covered and costs but $15 ($10 for a limited time) to download. It’s actually a fun read for Londoners too. Who knew that a Big Mac tastes different in America!


  6. Valarie

    This guide does have some very basic, useful tips that other guides don’t (converting currency vs withdrawing from an ATM, converters, etc.), but I have to say there were two things that stopped me in my tracks. One was their disdain for Tate Modern. To say that “most” people don’t like modern art is a sweeping judgment call. (Since 95% of my friends love modern art, that would be like me saying “most” people don’t like classical art, but that would be absurd.) And to not direct people to Tate Modern’s restaurant, with its gorgeous, well known (but not overrun) 7th floor views of St Paul’s and the Thames, seems like a huge oversight.

    My other issue with this book is calling Westminster Abbey ‘overrated’, without any further information. I haven’t known or heard of anyone who was disappointed by going to the abbey. Do other people feel this way? If so, why?

  7. Sally

    This is a valuable travel guide to my favorite place in the world. I am THE incurable anglophile. I sorry that the authors have had bad experiences as I have never felt safer anywhere, including by beloved home in the USA.

  8. Maureen

    I know the Anglotopia team have visited 10 times. I am planning my 17th trip so I am fairly well informed, but not enough to presume to write a travel advice book . To say Westminster Abbey is overrated left me “gobsmacked”, to use a local term. I go there for services. I go there to wander for several hours each time. It is a magnificent icon full of the history of Britain. Unless they are appealing to the lowest common denominator tourist, I cannot imagine why they would say that. True the person who rushes to the London Dungeon or Madame Tussauds may not find WA the highlight of their visit but they are not the majority, I sincerely hope.I am not overly fond of the Tate Modern but I love the 7th floor restaurant and that great view across the bridge to St. Pauls.

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